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Backstory: from hobby to career

I learned how to use Photoshop by myself, discovering tools and possibilities one step at a time, making icons and banners for online forums, wallpapers for me and my friends and websites about what I liked. It was fun, I had nice compliments about what I was making, and it became one of my favorite past-time.

But I really became a graphic designer during my internship at Disney Channel. I had simple banners and wallpapers to make, nothing too fancy, but I was in contact with the designers who were making websites and newsletters for us and I learned a lot just by seeing their work. Until one day I made a newsletter myself instead of sending the brief to a designer, and my boss liked it and trusted me as a graphic designer from this moment.

Thanks to this, formations, my current job and my personal projects I've grown a lot as a graphic designer in the last few years, gaining experience and confidence.

Now, I want to put my creativity at YOUR service to help you stand out with a unique design that will look like YOU -and no one else!


If you need a website design, a poster, a flyer, an invitation, etc. contact me now and tell me all about it so we can start working together :