Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.  Camille Ridoux

Web Designer / Web Manager / Video Editor
I'm focusing on my two passions entertainement and travel to help actors have a website that reflects who they are as a performer and tourist destinations have a website to attract and inform customers.

I'm also open to work on any other projects, so if you're interested in working with me just let me know what you need!

Château de Bourbilly (2018) | Web Design

Website designed and developed in 2018 on WordPress. Icons created with Adobe Illustrator. >> VISIT THE WEBSITE

The Walt Disney Company France (2016-2018) | Graphic Design

As a freelance consultant, I helped manage Disney Channels YouTube channels, added content on, and also got the oppo

Promotion videos for the Royaumont abbey l Video Editing

Mandy Gonzalez Official Website (2016) | Web Design

Designed in 2016 with Adobe Photoshop. Developed in WordPress.  >> VISIT THE WEBSITE

Videos for Sutton Foster’s Official Website | Video Editing


Sutton Foster Official Website (2014) | Web Design

Designed in 2014 with Adobe Photoshop. Developed by Valentin Delarue. >> VISIT THE WEBSITE

Video coverage of an event in Asnières sur Oise | Video Editing

Crêperie-restaurant Grain de Blé (2012) | Web Design

Website designed in 2012 with Adobe Photoshop. Developed by Graham Dian. The website is no longer online because the restauran

Tourist Office of Asnières sur Oise (2012) | Web Design & Graphic Design

As the front desk and communication manager, I created a website to showcase why people should come visit the town and to give

Disney Channel (2009, 2011) | Graphic Design