Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.  Camille Ridoux

Web Designer / Web Manager / Video Editor
I'm focusing on my two passions entertainement and travel to help actors have a website that reflects who they are as a performer and tourist destinations have a website to attract and inform customers.

I'm also open to work on any other projects, so if you're interested in working with me just let me know what you need!

 /  @camzml @comewithmetocanada @sweetlaughowl

Château de Bourbilly (2018) | Web Design

Website designed and developed in 2018 on WordPress. Icons created with Adobe Illustrator. >> VISIT THE WEBSITE

The Walt Disney Company France (2016-2018) | Graphic Design

As a freelance consultant, I helped manage Disney Channels YouTube channels, added content on, and also got the oppo

Promotion videos for the Royaumont abbey l Video Editing

Mandy Gonzalez Official Website (2016) | Web Design

Designed in 2016 with Adobe Photoshop. Developed in WordPress.  >> VISIT THE WEBSITE

Videos for Sutton Foster’s Official Website | Video Editing


Sutton Foster Official Website (2014) | Web Design

Designed in 2014 with Adobe Photoshop. Developed by Valentin Delarue. >> VISIT THE WEBSITE

Video coverage of an event in Asnières sur Oise | Video Editing

Crêperie-restaurant Grain de Blé (2012) | Web Design

Website designed in 2012 with Adobe Photoshop. Developed by Graham Dian. The website is no longer online because the restauran

Tourist Office of Asnières sur Oise (2012) | Web Design & Graphic Design

As the front desk and communication manager, I created a website to showcase why people should come visit the town and to give

Disney Channel (2009, 2011) | Graphic Design